The Many Techniques to Success (of half boiling an egg)

A lot of people tend to give different advises for the same problem. It depends on the individual to try out those solutions. Case in point, my half boiled eggs.


I often brought my attempted boiled egg to office, but the end result was sometimes not really half boiled. My colleagues often advised on their methods.
Here I have a few issues.
1. The solutions in some cases differ in such a way that the result would be different. E.g. 3 mins vs 4 mins boiling vs pour over boiling water. In fact, the perfect solution is highly dependent on several variables , in this case, volume of water, heat source, and current room temperature and pressure. Water can boil at lower temperatures at higher altitudes at lower pressure. Rate of heat transfer is affected by ambient temperature. (I took up chemistry as a major in uni, its funny where I apply these knowledge).
2. The solution provider may not always practice it, but they swear it works. It might work for them, But in truth it might not work for others. As these people often debate amongst each other. A consideration is they might not even boil and eat half boiled eggs often or everyday. (these might be biased due to memories just remembering the time it works).
3. They often project their own reality as universal truths. E.g. The eggs tastes better, in sweet soy sauce, bovril, butter. (I like salty soy sauce thank you). Everyone has a different taste or preference, but that doesn’t stop them from recommending. They would say “it would be more delicious if…” rather than the more accurate “I like it when…”.

You can Google half boiled egg  yourself, but i recommend you experiment your own way (almost scientifically). I previously found the perfect way for me, but since I moved house and started to use induction cooker instead of gas, I am experimenting again. The variables, volume of water (more water takes more time to heat up), the heat setting (higher heat faster rate, but not higher boilimg temp), time of day (certain times are often different temperature), the weather, time spent to boil (if u put in the eggs before boiling), time boiling, time egg left in the water after stopped boiling, and number of eggs.
Mine WAS, in the morning, wait till boiling (reducing error result from rate in boiling), then dropped in the eggs for 2-3 minutes, then remove the eggs from boiling and cool in water. (reduces error from additional heat transfer from still boiling water).
My current issue is I am trying out the lazy and quick way with timer setting on the induction cooker set to boiling. I am down to 3 minutes, but i have to watch out for level of water and number off eggs, as it affects the rate of heat transfer. The heat source is consistent, it is the ambient temperature I need to account for. Also the timer is in increments of 1 min. I can’t set for 2 and a half minute.
For the seasoning, that’s your choice.

My points here though, is that there are many solutions to Success, what works for one person may work for another, but then it might not. There are several variables we have to consider, our current status, where we want to be, and the environmental factors involved. And finally, I prefer people to share their truths, rather than project their truths as absolute truths. Saying “in my case, it was…” rather than “The right way is…”.

Good luck and have fun trying.


Everyone has a choice, including having no choice. I saw a post about how some people have no choice in their sexual orientation, gender identity, appearance, disability, and race. The following text was my reply. Added a few more info in arrow brackets.

Orientation, possible, I almost saw a gay guy turn straight for this one chick, she turned him down.
Gender identity, definitely can, people can have sex change. Although xx or xy chromosome remain.
Appearance, thats what fashion and plastic surgery is for.
Disability, yeah I agree. But they can choose whether that disability defines them or not.
Mental illness, unfortunately I mostly agree, some people are just so down that they cant see the light of day even if it was shining on them. But some do get a breakthrough when they full embrace their power.
Race, interestingly, technically possible. u might not be able to change ur dna, but extensive plastic surgery and a few cultural classes, u cud act and be another race.
Truth as it turns out, is subjective. The truth I submit to is an individual can be powerful when they know they can have choices and they do something. It is more powerful to say that I am the way I am because I CHOOSE to be who I am, rather than because I have no choice. Although having no choice is also a choice.

Survival of the Moderately Fit

A while back I was researching into the rare cases of heart attacks in runners. The most classic in point was the legend of the marathon runner, Pheidippides.

I read through the wiki page, which lead me to an article on sudden death in athletes, to

It seemed that these articles referred to defects that were never diagnosed. In 2012, I saw a TedX video by a Cardiologist runner, explaining that too much running may be unhealthy.

Recently this research popped up again with Dnews.

it basically mentions the same thing, more details were available in the Tedx talk.

I love running, If I can I would do it everyday, But according to research, I might need to drop it down a notch. Darwin was wrong, it is not the survival of the fittest, it is the survival of the moderately fit.

Based on this research, now most of my workout is often not to vigourous, maybe once a week is speed work, once a week long relax run, everything else in moderation, but at least one rest day a week. Generally runners still live 6 years longer than non-runners. But everything in Moderation. I would like to attain and maintain 10km under 1 hour.

I don’t need to run fast, I just need to run, I see myself running even when I am above 60 years. Hope to see you running then :)

Trying out

I was trying to order from, tried and technically succeeded. I saw there was a golden crust offer buy 1 free 1, so I wanted to order. But this is the first time I tried ordering anything, so I had to register online. After I registered I continued with my order for delivery, Somehow the address I entered was invalid and pop-up said contact 2226111, so I did, and I asked, and they said the buy 1 free 1 offer is only valid for pick up. no biggie, my office is just 5 minutes walk from pizza hut airport mall. So… I went online again, this time went for pickup, but alas… the pickups were only from the PHD branches, the Pizza hut delivery branches. So I called again, apparently if I wanted to order from pizza hut at airport mall, I need to call their direct line… but then I realized… the buy 1 free 1 offer was online, if i called up, they might not have that offer (might, I did not confirm), plus I really wanted to try ordering online. also I already invested in spending time on this website and registering. so I decided to just order pickup from kiulap, it is on the way back to work later. additionally, friday they say they are closed from 12pm-2pm, so put up that I will pick up at 2:01pm (I forgot to mention, they have advance delivery/pickup). Let us see if they have my order by that time or I have to wait longer… my guess they could probably cook it earlier and just keep it warm till that time, we’ll see…


I arrived 2:01pm, the door was opened but I saw only one guy in the kitchen. he came out and apologize that I may have to wait 10 minutes for the pizza to warm up. I got my pizza and left at 2:15pm. Pizza hut brunei website should probably update the pick up availability in the afternoon to 2:15pm. either that or the workers should have been there 1:45pm on a friday.

lessons of war from the hobbit

I recently learnt that the author of the hobbit was a survivor of world war I. and that his writings were inspired from his experience as well as his upbringing and academic interests. knowing this, I watched the movie with a different perspective.  Rather than just taking awe in the scenery,  the fights and the characters.  I viewed it as a story told by a war veteran. The hobbit and lord of the rings shared a common story.
Generally,  the story started with a young man who is by all accounts innocent,  was thrusted into the world of war through promises of adventure and a sense of purpose. There he bonds with his buddies/compadres/friends of different backgrounds and different races. Experiences the action and the casualties of war.  At the end, by chance or by luck he survives, but he suffers from loss of for ends and the trauma of war.  A changed man.
Watching the movie I was saddened to see the reality of war.  It is either the result of a mad dictator realizing their visions come true by oppressing other people (Sauron,  Hitler) , or by people with good intentions but misunderstands and mistrusts each other, especially with a belief of scarce resources (elves vs dwarves / Israel vs Palestine ).
Even sad,  was in all this war,  there is a side that does nothing… us (and USA in world war I).  Seating in our chairs,  comfortable. Obsessed with our own desires, believing that the war has nothing to do with us, that it won’t reach us,  or at the least we cannot do anything in our place. 
This feeling is unsettling. As it probably should. Leaves me with thoughts, such as  what does it take?  And what can I do in my own small way?  To achieve world peace!? To share this insight,  to tell friends,  to inspire others.  That we can live in this world in peace. To help people understand each other,  to trust each other.
Or will there be a need for a bigger villain?  that would unite the world together. But if we don’t get together soon, the smarter villain need not interfere,  for we might just destroy ourselves soon. But here is the scary part,  if we don’t go to war with ourselves,  then the villain will need to either pool their resources together more, or incite war within us anyway to ease their job.
Overall a very inspiring movie. Tolkien may have used stories to share his truth about the bleakness war, on it’s causes and effects. And its consequences to the individual that survives the war. Thank you film makers for realizing his vision, and inspiring the world with stories.
“artists uses lies to tell the truth” – v for vendetta.


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